New Macbook/Macbook Pro

Author: kielty93

Apple recently released their new and improved Macbook and Macbook Pro.

New features/specs:
Multi-touch Trackpad
Faster processors 2.4GHz in MB/2.6GHz in MBP
Up to 250GB HD in MB/300GB in MBP
Up to 4GB RAM

I think that this is a great upgrade being that i just bought my first macbook in January. Heck, for the same price you get a faster computer and more space. Not only that but on the MBP you get the new multi touch trackpad. With the new trackpad you are able to pinch, rotate, or swipe, just as if you are using an iphone or ipod touch, which makes viewing and adusting images as easy as pie.
If you are thinking about buying one of these new macs would suggest getting atleast the 160GB hard drive because i only got the 80GB and i am already thinking about buying an external hard drive. Another reason why it is worth buying the macbook with the 160GB hard drive is that it is capable of burning DVDs.
For those of you that are really into graphic design and PS, i would suggest getting the 17" MBP because of the amount of screen space you have compared to the compact 13" macbook. It is also a lot faster so you waont have any problem loading any editing software such as PS or Illustrator.
One of the only complaints i hear about the MBP is that it doesnt come in the famous apple white. But i guess you could say that that is something that makes it unique.
In the end, both the new MB and MBP are great products and i suggest ordering one if ou dont already own one.

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