Photoshop Designs

Author: kielty93

Post a pic of your photoshop designs.

topic does not matter as log as YOU made them in photoshop

it would also be very helpful if you could post some design ideas for me

Dream Setup?

Author: kielty93

What would your dream setup be?

I think my dream setup would be:

23" cinema display
top of the line macbook and an iphone

i know it sounds simple but im a simple person and dont need much

i would also like adobe cs3, drafting software, and a slr digital camera

so... what would yours be?

Price Drop?

Author: kielty93

People have been saying that there will be a price drop on the ipod touch and the iphone n the next couple months. it is supposedly going to be a $100 dollar decrease in bothe the ipod touch and iphone.
along with the price drop, it is said that apple is going to discontinue the 8gb ipod touch and the 4gb iphone. the reason being is that they just increased the capacity capabilities and want more people to buy them.

No More Mac Mini?

Author: kielty93

ok... there is another rumor going around about the mac mini. this one says that apple is going to discontinue making the mac mini.

if you think about it, this sort of makes sense. i mean the only reason to buy the mac mini is if you are in desperate need in owning a mac but cant afford an imac. otherwise it is pointless to buy a mac mini.

its up to you though... if you already own a great monitor but want to switch to mac, the i guess the mac mini is a great product.

i personally think that if apple discontinues the mac mini they will see a slight decrease in sales this year which could possibly result in hurting them.

Mac Mini/iMac Updates?

Author: kielty93

Rumor has it that the imac and mac mini will be receiving updates in the upcoming months. My guess is that they will come in june along with the new iphone updates.

i have a feeling that the updates will includ a simmer more sleek design for the mac mini along with more power/memory for both of them. i say this because you can now get up to 2.4Ghz processors in the macbooks now so i expect the same if not greater for the imac and mac mini

What iPod Should I Get???

Author: kielty93

I am often asked the question, what ipod should i get. I always reply by asking them how much music they have, if they want to watch movies, and if they are one of those people that wish they could have the iphone but have a different service.
For those of you that only listen to a little bit of music and only every so often, i would suggest getting the ipod shuffle. It is only 0.55 ounces and can hold up to 500 songs. Not only that but the battery can last up to 12 hours.
Next is the ipod nano. The ipod nano can play music, movies, and display photos. It is the ideal ipod for anyone that wants to listen to music and watch movies on the go. The ipod nano can hold up to 2000 songs, 7000 photos and 8 hours of video.
The nanos big brother is the ipod clasic. The ipod classic is a music powerhouse. It can hold a whopping 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video.
Now for the ipod touch. With the ipod touch you can surf the web, watch movies, look at pictures, take notes, view the weather forecast, go on youtube, check your stocks, email, and do many more things. It is pretty much the iphone without a phone and internet access anywhere. It can hold up to 7000 songs, 25000 photos, or 40 hours of video.
I myself have the ipod touch and i love it. The only upgrade i wish apple would release is the ability to customize the look of the icons, background, etc.

iPhone SDK

Author: kielty93

Apple recently released the iPhone SDK. So far i have heard nothing but good news about it. With the SDK users will be able to write there own applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There will also be an applications store for those of you that just want to use the apps and not have to worry about making the the apps yourself. Plz stay tune for more info on the iPhone SDK